Friday, October 29, 2010

...Took a Well Day off from work.

... and it was lovely.  I slept in a little, read a little - "The Last Knight" by Norman F. Cantor.  I've read his "In the Wake of the Plague," and really enjoyed it, even if it was about how 40 or so percent of Europe died horrible deaths in the 14th century.  What can I say?  He's a fun history writer.  And I am such a sucker for a fun history writer.
John of Gaunt - the last True Knight of medieval England and the subject of Cantor's book.
I am SUCH a geek.

Thomas Cahill is another great history writer.  I used his "Hinges of History" concept to talk about Copernicus with my astronomy kids last week.  We medieval Europeans were happily following Ptolemy's logical - and insanely incorrect - lead on a geocentric solar system until Copernicus went, "Hey, wait a minute..." and science turned to another path.

Ptolemy's Approved Geocentric Solar SystemWRONG

Copernicus' Heliocentric System:  Not quite there yet, but at least it's mostly RIGHT.
At any rate, Cahill wrote one of my favorite books, "How the Irish Saved Civilization."  If you haven't read it quite yet, pick it up and give it a shot.  Entertaining as all get out, too.  Honest, you won't be sorry.

Right now I have such a yearning to paint my nails, something I don't undertake lightly.  My hands must be still for way too long to let the polish dry, and I can't stand chipping.  since we have no spare nickels to rub together and buy me a manicure I must do it myself, and keeping my hands still for more than five minutes is not one of my strengths.

My friend and summer school student Carmen knitted me the most gorgeous scarf, with all my favorite colors.  She gave it to me last week, and I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE it!  Thank you, Carmen!  You are one of the best humans I know.

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