Wednesday, October 13, 2010

... crocheted most of an octopus.

... but finally put it down because I wanted to work on my astronomy PowerPoint.  I admit it -- I love making PowerPoints for my classes.  I work hard on them, try to make them readable - fret over the kind of font and font size, how much on the page, that sort of thing.  I LOVE hunting down just the right image.  I just love when I find a cool yet odd pic -- like the one of Kepler with a California roll in his calipers.  Awesome!

I've asked my students, "What's wrong with this picture?" and to my delight kids GOT it in about 20 seconds. 

So is tweaking a PowerPoint an act of creativity?  Or just another way of procrastinating before grading papers?

I think I'm going to stop declaring my next day's creative exercise.  I feel sort of embarrassed that I don't have that banana bread baked yet.

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