Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finished my skirt! I stitched my very first hand-sewn buttonhole.

It took me a while to get to my creativity project this evening - I just crashed last night after DD had her play practice; I even brought my crochet hook and yarn along.  I just ended staring at my steering wheel as I sat in the parking lot, hoping that I could make it back from Venice, a whole 3 or so miles away, without falling asleep at the wheel. 

Lesson learned? (Cue the South Park boys...) I need a full eight hours of sleep in the night, otherwise my evening hours the next day are useless.

The laundry I was supposed to fold last night had to wait until this evening, but it's all neatly done and put away.  Yay!  Usually I leave it for days. I still have piles of papers to grade.  Not tonight:  I have sleeping to do.

Tomorrow I think I'll NOT throw away the over-ripe bananas in the kitchen, but tomorrow make banana bread.  Is baking a creative act?  I'm assuming that it is, but am I right?  If I'm right, why do I feel strange about declaring it so?

I feel the need to explain my creativity project for this evening.  I am very proud of this wrap skirt - it's from a free internet pattern and fabric that I love, which I've had for years.  It was almost finished, and I was stonewalled by the buttonhole.  My sewing machine was not behaving, and I was dreading the buttonhole process - even with the machine I've always been terrible.  But the buttonhole was needed to pull the sash through for the wrap and at the end of it all:  one more incomplete project to haunt me.  I didn't just sew my first buttonhole; I just broke a lifelong habit - for a day.

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