Monday, October 11, 2010

... baked Zucchini bread.

.... and on Saturday I made five new pairs of earrings and a necklace!

And yes, I am well aware that on my second day of blogging I missed a post.... folks, I was busy busy busy (Saturday tends to be my recovery day while Sunday is for chores) and I was still updating a PowerPoint for my classes at 11 at night.  Too late for me to get 7 hours of sleep, much less my required 8 hours, so I stopped, begged forgiveness from the universe and tucked myself into bed.

STILL... during dinner prep I discovered that we had about a dozen zucchini in the veggie bin, and rather than let them rot away as usual, I grated them along with a carrot, mixed up my favorite zucchini bread recipe and baked two loaves while we ate dinner.  Right now I have zucchini bread slices waiting for me to share with my colleagues and make me a happy snack after classes today. 

The jewelry came about after DH's mother took us out for lunch, and I needed some time to decompress and re-focus.  DD was doing homework at the dining room table, so I grabbed my bead boxes, plunked myself down across from her and started to rummage.  It's the first time I've played with my beads in a couple of years, I think.

I've been bored with my earrings lately - my favorite pair these days is are blood orange danglesr, which I used to save for Halloween, but now make up excuses to wear.  I've wanted some bright, colorful drop earrings for a while - so now I do.  (I will post a pic of them as soon as I figure out how to post pics in my blog; oh the shame of it all.)  I found a bag of stones my mother had given me many years ago, and in her honor I actually put them to use, and pulled together a very nice garnet/citrine/unakite necklace.  Not my usual style, but still highly satisfactory.

My plan for today's creative project is to finish a wrap skirt I sewed up this summer.  All it needs is a buttonhole hand-sewed in the waistband to pull the tie through and voila!  I have a new skirt.  I'm very proud of this skirt.  I found a free pattern for it online, downloaded it, pieced it together and used fabric I've had stored for at least 10 years.  LOVE it!  I hope I'll be able to wear it tomorrow.

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