Saturday, June 11, 2011

... didn't mind my manners.

So yesterday after school I was having a VERY serious talk with a young lady who seems to have boundary issues with her fellow students.  I had the door open to my classroom - of course - and this young lady's friend  - Young Lady #2 - had been directed to sit outside.  She could listen but she couldn't come in (as this friend has a way of turning a simple conversation into a piece of surrealist performance art, which is probably quite entertaining but not when one is trying to make a serious point to someone else).

I'm in the middle of a sentence when young lady #3 - also a friend of LY #1 & 2 - bursts into the room, announcing "MRS. G'BERG I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!  (Back story - I had sent this young lady up to the office the day before when I realized her immediate M.O. was to argue with me about every little thing when she couldn't do what she wanted when she wanted all the time... and it's the end of the year, and I'm tired.  Very, very tired... The AP asked if I wanted to see her in class on Friday, and I said no thank you, I think we could use a break from each other, so he had taken her a second day.)

As soon as I saw her in my door I announced - and I admit, quite firmly - "Young lady #3, I am having a conversation with YL #1.  You may speak with me when I am finished with her.  Go outside and wait."  She stopped in her tracks and announced I was RUDE.  "SO RUDE TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT."  I then told her she could leave and wait until Monday to speak with me.

I finished with LY #1, walked her out the door, took LY #2 on for being an inconsiderate self-proclaimed idiot, told LY#3 that since she already thought I was rude I would continue to be rude, and then shut the door in the middle of LY#3's re-declaration of how rude I was.  And took a deep breath.

Oh lord.  One. More. Week.

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