Sunday, May 29, 2011 going all domestic on youse.

It's the third day of a four-day weekend.  Which is great, except that Friday was a furlough day, which means we teachers don't get paid, and we've lost a week's worth of pay - as well as a week's worth of teaching time - so far this year.

What I have control over, that being said, is how I spend my time off.  Friday I rode the bus with my gorgeous daughter and her gorgeous girlfriend to a local mall ON THE BUS.  Which in Los Angeles is a rather big deal.  I don't have a car this summer, so this was sort of a test run for me, and for casual errands, joy rides and such it's quite doable.

Saturday I made an ass of myself by driving Hubby - while breaking down into an emotional, sleep-deprived wreck - to work in Burbank, which is three-freeways away from us, at 7:30 in the morning, attending a bat mitzvah of a young lady who we've known and loved since she was 5, and then after we (meaning daughter and me) got home, essentially collapsing for the rest of the day.  I roused myself about 4:45 to get out the door with the car and grocery shop a little.  Missed Costco by ten minutes (and its pharmacy by two hours) but got through a small shopping at Sprouts, so we have some produce for meals this week.

Sunday I slept for 10+ hours and feel nearly like myself again, if only myself still didn't have the aching ankle from my bike crash earlier this month.  But even so, it's much better, thanks.

So domestically I'm -
1.  Cleaning the fridge out, and oh boy does it need it.
2.  Making a zucchini, mushroom & onion quiche.  Why do we have do much squash?!???
3.  Tackling the cobwebs that seem to have sprung out overnight in early every ceiling corner of the house.
4.  Taking inventory of the freezer, in part to pull out some meat from the husband to grill.  Grilling is what Hubby does for relaxation.  Personally, I prefer sleep, but who am I to keep a good man from his grill?

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