Thursday, June 23, 2011

... was a busy little beaver yesterday.

Yay for Summer Break!  I can actually keep my mind on something for longer than three minutes!  (Enough sleep is a lovely thing re focus, among other issues.)  I cleaned up the dining room table, so now we can easily EAT on it, and rearranged the breakfast nook to make myself an office-y space.  My computer is here, as is my sewing machine.  I dragged a bookcase from school - and yes, it's mine to begin with, I bought it - and loaded it with my education & science reference books, along with all my binders containing all my hard materials (as apposed to soft, like PowerPoints.)  One of my summer projects is to organize each as a workable system, unlike the chaos they're in now.  My sewing box and embroidery floss are there, too.  My stationary supplies are all arranged in ways I actually use them, and I am as happy as the proverbial clam.  My basket of sewing projects sits on a chair next to my computer so I can't do the "out of sight out of mind" trick that is such an important element of my procrastination sequence.

I'm finally able to articulate a difference,  that's bugged me for years, between Hubby and myself when it comes to material goods.  When we have to make a choice between style and function, he leans towards style and I lean towards function.  I also seem to be more visual in my organizational style while he's more kinetic.   Does this make sense?

OH, and as for art, I'm crocheting placemats for my step-mom.  They're striped, with the pattern as prime numbers - 1,2,3,5,7,11 and yes I am that much of a nerd - and then back again until the mat is a proper size.  She already has two, with the background in turquoise and stripe in white.  These next two are reversed, with white background and turquoise stripe. In cotton.  Lovely to work with.  Just love it.

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