Saturday, May 14, 2011

proved gravity always works...

... even when you don't want it to.

And it's a bitch.

Two Tuesdays ago I crashed landed my bike when I tried to make a left turn a little too suddenly.  I bruised & or strained most of my left-side joints, and left my foot/ankle a most amazing visual cacaphony of colors.  I'm still living on ibuprofen and in ace bandages.  It's amazing how much stamina low-grade yet constant discomfort sucks out of a person.

That being said, I have no one to blame but myself.  Isaac Newton wasn't making up stories, he was simply telling the truth.
My bike and I proved this guy's Law's of Motion - all of them - and threw in friction for good measure last Tuesday. Science has no mercy..
 I did get a chance to hand-sew the trim I mentioned in a previous post onto my teal patterned skirt and love the way it came out.  I also cut out another skirt from the same pattern, this one in a blue/black thin brocade.  Hopefully I'll have a chance to sew it up this weekend, and maybe even get (yet another) trim basted to the hem.  This trim is machine-sewable, at least.

I also started to crochet myself a scarf for next fall, in purples and greens.  I like the pattern the variegated yarn took.  As soon as I test/compare for length I'll fringe it. 

As for art in the classroom, we just came through two weeks of block schedule and state testing.  At the beginning of this week I announced to my three astronomy classes that THEY were teaching the rest of the chapter on the Sun.  Groups pulled topics out of a (Fabric Planet!) sack, got directions and I let 'em at it.  The lessons are due on Monday, and should take the rest of the week to get through.  They need to have a "means of contents presentation" (PowerPoint, lecture or transparencies),  "means of reinforcement" (work sheet, game, cross word or word search),  and "means of assessment" (quiz).  I can hardly wait for what they show up with!  Some of my students are incredibly creative.

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