Wednesday, April 6, 2011

was busy SHOPPING!!!!

Dear hubby came into some long overdue money this week, and gave me his blessing to update my wardrobe, which is, like the best birthday-Christmas-Valentine present ever!  I haven't really made any clothing purchases which don't replace a totally worn-out essential for about three years, and was pretty much desperate to have a wardrobe that wasn't faded, stretched out or pilled.

I was very, very careful.  First place I stopped at was Target - I've had good luck buying essentials there before, and have learned that if I find something that fits and makes me happy - not a given, as I am neither as thin nor young as I used to be, and Target does not cut its clothing with a lot of "give" or forgiveness to them - buy multiples.  This was one of those days where it was Me Time at Target.  I bought three very simply cut jersey skirts in black, gray and stone.  I also love Target's current fling with patterned cardigans, and purchased this lovely one.  I also grabbed two of the lovely draped-collar sweater-style tops, sort of like this one but without the cords in the back and less expensive, in black and stone.  With a couple of $8 tees, all of a sudden, I have nine NEW basic outfits.  For under $100 bucks.

Oh, and the most miraculous find of all - a pair of Target jeans that fit my pear-shaped body! Twenty-five bucks. Comfortable, too.  I was nearly hyperventilating when I looked in the mirror.

A few days later I took my personal stylist - my 13YO darling Babygirl, who has more style instinct in her little finger right now than I have ever had in my whole body in my whole LIFE - to Kohls.  With her unerring taste and eye for fashion she outfitted me in this shirt dress, in a dark taupe and a lovely geometric-patterned surplice dress (for which I can't find an image.) Plus two more tees in bright &  dark turquoise, and yet another miracle, a pair of Levi Jeans, which I haven't been able to wear since I was 18 and grew thighs.  (In-store purchase was cheaper, too.)

I haven't had more than one pair of fitting jeans in six years.

For this reason and so many others, I love my daughter SO MUCH.

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