Wednesday, April 6, 2011

didn't just go shopping.

I also brought my poor helpless circa 1974 Singer Portable to the nice people at Sewing Arts Center, who will tune her and make her tension all better after I mucked it up.

I also completed my student's crocheted octopus for our Facebook challenge.  It's adorable.

My darling son, bless him, helped me bring my portable to the repair people and then indulged me in one of my favorite stores - Fabric Planet, on Lincoln between Venice and Pico. (The link will take you to the FP downtown, but save for the address, the info is parallel.)  For five dollars I bought a future scarf, shantung pillow covering and brocade a-line shirt. I DO need to go back and get trim for the pillow covering, though...

I also brought along some carved stone amulets I've had for years, and bought some suede trim to hang them from.  I think I'll re-open my etsy account and post these for sale.

Today I need to tidy the house - I have two larger kids to help with that - and start on the pile of grading I need to do before spring break ends.  I also want to sew trim on the ends of my remnant for a scarf  and start cutting out a few simple patterns in anticipation of my sewing machine coming home on Friday, all fixed and pretty.

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